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    Paul Leslie, Master Steve Tappin, Wayne Tappin and students Escrima London

    Paul Leslie, Master Steve Tappin, Wayne Tappin and students


    Escrima Concepts London teaches a complete fighting system, specialising in weapons and empty hand skills, which increase individual ability, knowledge and confidence, enabling everyone who attends Paul Leslie's classes to apply what they have learned in any environment.

  • Escrima Seminar 2024!! 

    A fantastic start to 2024 - great seminar and a big thank you to all those who attended this weekend!

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    £15 per class


    Membership- £60 pa


    If you are interested in just trying us out we run free "taster" sessions. Please email us at info@escrimalondon.com to confirm your place at the session.

    Nothing to pay just come down and check us out!

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    If you want to get a feel for what we do take a look at our Facebook Page and youtube channel. There you will see details of past lessons and seminars

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    Private Lessons & Bespoke Courses


    Private lessons and besopke courses are available upon request.

    Contact Big Paul for more information.


     Paul Leslie (aka Big Paul)


    I have had an interest in the various arts of combat (martial arts) and the people who, throughout history have become known for their martial skills, for a considerable period of time, Sun Su – The Art of War – is an example of the thinking behind the combat, the art behind the martial and the strategy behind the action. I am not just interested in the fight itself but in the thought and actions leading up to the fight.I formally started martial arts in 1983, I wasn’t sure what art I wanted to pursue, I therefore sampled Karate and Judo and moved on to become a student of Wu Shu Quan; later changing to Zwan Shu Quan; where the training was hard but enjoyable. I learned a great deal about using my body as a weapon, movement and kicking.After a few years working on this art I moved to the Midlands, where I studied for a professional qualification in youth work and my first degree BA (Hons). I also studied Ju Jitsu, and was able to combine the kicks and punches of Chinese Boxing with the circular movement, leg sweeps, locks and throws of Jitsu.I was able to put my martial arts knowledge into practice when I began door work in the late 1980’s. For over 10 years I worked in a number of West End clubs, bars, pubs, private parties and concerts; I was also employed in close protection work. I often found myself in situations where my communication skills, combined with my knowledge of martial arts was an invaluable tool for controlling many difficult and dangerous situations; door work also enabled me to better understand body mechanics and how to generate and use personal energy and power in more depth, enabling me to safely remove people from a club or bar who often didn't want to be moved.


    It was whilst working in night club security in 1991 that I was introduced to Escrima and Steve Tappin by a friend, at an old school building and gym in Tottenham. The classes were hot, sweaty and friendly, it was a hard club where people came to learn and where learning often meant pain, both mental and physical.


    I trained hard and learnt a great deal from Master Steve Tappin, I even gave up a night’s door work to focus on developing my Escrima. Every week I would try a new move or technique and like every student, I would try to beat my instructor, with a technique he had taught me, as you can imagine, I was unsuccessful with everything I tried, it got to the point where just hitting him with a glove was deemed a victory.


    In the early 1990’s I entered a number of Escrima open tournaments in the UK (Luton, Corby, Birmingham) and in Europe, winning all the tournaments I entered. In one competition in England I broke 6 sticks and two helmets during various stages of the competition. Those were the days when real sticks were used for competitions.


    Over the years I have been introduced to and taught by a number of great Escrima instructors including GM Brian Jones, (Rene and Bill). I am a member of the European Historical Combat Guild and have been taught a few sword techniques by John and Jonathon Waller.


    I have been working with Steve and Wayne Tappin in a number of countries for many years and I currently teach Escrima across the UK and in Europe.


    I am based in London and teach both groups and individuals on a weekly basis, I also run a number of seminars each year, focusing on specific weapon based and empty hand techniques that can be applied for self defence, security work and person- to- person control, encompassing environmental awareness, current legislation and risk assessment.

  • Big Paul Leslie Escrima London

    Paul Leslie

    Paul Leslie is a 4th TG instructor and is the most senior instructor in London.


    Escrima London

    Radek Swiderski

    Radek is a 1st TG instructor.  His martial arts experience started over 25 years ago with kick boxing. After that he practiced karate for many years, gaining his black belt and qualifying as an instructor. He has also learnt Brazilian Ju Jitsu at the Roger Gracie Academy. He has been training at Escrima Concepts London under Big Paul Leslie since 2007. “We train very hard in our club. Paul teaches us only practical things which we can use in dangerous situations. No fancy techniques and no games. We learn how to use weapons and how to fight unarmed as well. For me Escrima Concepts is the most effective system of fighting I know. “

  • Escrima Concepts

    The Escrima Concepts Family at our London Seminar in Jan 2014

    A Small Part of the ESCRIMA Family (UK and Europe) @ London Seminar 2024

    Master Steve Tappin is the founder of Escrima Concepts.  To quote him:

    "Now more than ever everyone needs reality training that has been designed to work in all environments - it is a sad fact of life that many street crimes involve weapons and therefore people should be trained with weapons and unarmed skills together and Escrima Concepts meets these needs and has done for over 30 years to become a world-wide high profile martial art system."


    More info is available on the Escima Concepts Facebook page

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